Februari 01, 2010

Tips for Non-SKinny Woman

How To Dress beautifully for woman that don't have SKinny bones like Supermodel?

Give u some tips a la Me :)
1. First Of all, the thing u need to think is LOVE YOUR BODY and BE CONFIDENCE...
without this two condition n mind set , my tips below are not useful at all.. :)
looking at the mirror, put it in your mind and do not compare your body with others ,
every woman are Different and have their own unique, even a super skinny supermodel will never satisfy of their body- Nobody's Perfect rite??Deal with this? if Yes, then continue to
read... :)

2. Show Off lil bit your Up Front Chest ,it will make u looks more BALANCE, DO NOT Cover up all Body like a mummy ,believe me it doesn't work if u think it'll cover up the "thing".... see below...

3. DO The High Waisted Thing! YEs! it's not a sin to put the high Waisted to your body, it will Fit and Press Your Body and will make it look skinnier :) see below... This is Worth it to try!

4. Put a Fine and Cool Blazer , not a Fully Covered Blazer that will give u a Mummy Look :P
ps.white col is not an enemy for u ,girls... see how gorgeous is she in White (below!)
5. Last but not Least, Accessorize your Style with a cool Belt...
You are (read:can be) beautiful no matter what size you are! size is only a number though! it's depends on how you customize it! :)



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