Februari 02, 2010


Pssttt.. wanna share How To Make an Effect to your Jeans/Clothes by washing techniques here...
but if you have any other washing techniques ,pls do not hesitate to share with me... :))

as i know there are some Techniques that can make an Worn-out appearance to your clothes..and they are called :
1. STONE WASH is a textile manufacturing process to give a worn-out appearence ,it's also increase the softness.. wanna do it by your self, see HERE

2. SAND WASH , it's quite same with Stone wash but difference in Proceed... HERE

3. ENZYME WASH ,needs to use an chemical formula to proceed this enzyme washing... i think it's better if we go to the washing company if we want to do the enzyme wash to our jeans :)


5. ACID WASH , ok! finally! this is my favorite one! :) this one gives alil bit different results of effect from the others above ,see below the result of acid wash.... oh and how to DIY ,click HERE


oh! i remember that i ever bought an ACID SHAWL at COTTON INK :)


ps. again  if you have any other Washing techniques ,pls share with me, i love to know and if you are too lazy to DIY then just go to washing company then asked them to wash as your wishes :)



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