Februari 15, 2010



ough! as you know that i live in bali ,everybody's wear flipflop, and it's not possible for me to wear heels everytime haha! so, i decided to sale this studded heels for a veryyy low prices and hope this heels to receive more love from new owner :) ... 
Size : 37
Heels : 9cm
Colour : Black 
Quality : 95% OK!
Price : IDR. 150,000 (not include shipping cost) 

and i sale that PINK SURFER GIRL HEART BAG too...
Colour :Pink
Quality : 90% OK!
Price : IDR.85,000 (not include the shipping cost)

if you interest please email me!



9 komentar:

M. mengatakan...

cute outfit!!

lovelove, M.

Anonim mengatakan...

wa,,love that heels amazing ;)

Anonim mengatakan...

and nice to know you,kmu trnyata org indonesia jugaa yaaa..

20something mengatakan...

@anita : iyaaa orang indonesia yg tinggal di bali hehehe :)

nitya mengatakan...

wah senengnya tinggal di Bali..
love the heels!

elitinaphe mengatakan...

wkkakaka.. studed shoes yang kau peroleh dengan susah payah itu akhirnya djual? hihihi..
dah beli sandal jepit aja, Wel.. :p

Urooba mengatakan...

Cute heels indeed!
I like the way you wore them too, mhm!

Thank yoooh for stopping by!

kitchen knives mengatakan...

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smart casual dresses mengatakan...

Love this look! I actually found this post while googling ‘smart casual dresses for work’ as I want to pick up that exact dress and was looking for ways to style it. You look fantastic, She looks so slender and well proportioned just like a model. She has a graceful posture. thanks for the inspiration!

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