Februari 05, 2010

I want this , I want that !!!

1. Dreaming of Dior by Charlotte Smith 
2. Chocogram , chocogram.com.au
3. Absolute Vodka , Rock Edition - rrr.... see the studded there??? olala! :P
4. Children of the world tin, Lindt
5. Suitcase, Viktor & Rolf - a cute lil ribbon and PLEATs are the most beautiful accents for a suitcase :)



3 komentar:

Stacy mengatakan...

that vodka is ridiculous!! love your post


deekkyy mengatakan...

aku suka tasnya..hehehe...Mmmm btw knp blog kamu ga pasanging shoutbox aja..biar orang meninggalkan jejaknya.....hahahha

20something mengatakan...

@deekky : hehehe... thanks sarannya... hmm akan dipasangin :P

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