Maret 02, 2010

Window display...

Fave Window Display:
VERSACE - see how they use Aluminium Foil? hmmm im wondering is that really Al foil or just a Silver SHinny Fabrics?? what do u think?? anyway, whether is Al.Foil or not this Futuristic Look is cool! Simple but Cool! 


Love The Super Mario bross Theme! isnt it sooo cute???? hmmm Cuteness!! :p



I'm Back!! sorry to let this Blog EMpty and not Update Anything... i was so sick last week... :p
yeah, i've got my new teeth with a cool Braces.... Finally!
actually i was thinking to wearing Braces since i was in High School , but i dont have enough money (Mom is not really agree and concerned bout braces things, for her it's an unnecessary one)..
now , after i can get money on my own ,i decided to went to the dentist hahaha....
it's almost been 2 weeks after that day...
the first night after went to dentist , my teeth felt so painfull .. ALL OF MY Teeth!!!! not just ONE ! hahahaha
ah surely BEAUTY IS PAIN!  ^^
my braces is a Ceramic Transparant Braces, actually really want to wear Invisalign :p (pic below) :