Februari 06, 2010

my poll!!!

just checked my polling and found out that GAGA as the most fave fashion icon! What a surprise! thats makes me know that people love the extraordinary thing and "OUT OF THE BOX" thing moreee... :)
maybe that makes us waiting and guessing what would she wear next and next... coz Gaga is unpredictable and having an unusual fashion sense... hahah.. but me ,personally just love to see but not love to follow her fashion anyway :) well, who wiill dare wearing that kind of thing ,if you are not a singer or an actress though :)
but, Besides that have to admit she is very TOTAL when chosing her outfit! salute!

ps. love GAGA's Shoes above :) outstanding! click the pics to see clearly!



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Indigo mengatakan...

She is always interesting even if you don't like her outfit you can always find something about it to inspire you.


mia chan mengatakan...

Hi Winny ^^

Thanks sudah mampir ke tempatku :)

I'm agree with you. Lady Gaga is our new innnovative fashon icon. Meskipun kadang-kadang style-nya memang kelewat 'ajaib' dan nggak mungkin diimplementasikan for daily style.
But she's worth to be called as 'Out Of The Box Fashion Icon'.

20something mengatakan...

@mia chan : thanks uda mampir yaaa :)

@Indigo : yess totally agree wif u dear! :)

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