Januari 31, 2010

Our Extraordinary Friendship

3 girls - met at Virtual World Accidentally year ago...

Me (they called me Duwel) , Tadut and Tidut

The meaning of the Name
Me a.k.a Duwel = Dudut bawel means fool and fussy :)
Tadut = Eta dudut means Fool Eta :P
Tidut = Tina dudut means Fool Tina ^^

we met accidentally , coz we follow same Mailist , one of Indo Magazines Mailist...
then we started to chat @ YM every single day to reduce boredom at the office haha..
we shared all thingss.... from our relationship, our problem, our work, our dream hahaha...

oh, fyi, we never met each other before, except Me and Tadut, we met once when she went to Bali few months ago.. haha...

now we continually sending each other Novels... Tadut send to Tidut , Tidut Send to me, Me send to Tidut hahaha.... complicated huh??

Tadut at Tretes (East of Java)
Tidut at Jakarta
Me at Bali - hahahaha still confuse?? :p

ps. My two lovely BFF doin bussiness together now ,check this out, Choco Brown! (and of coz, i'm givin my contribute there! hihi)



i'm in love wif LA ROUX

Oh, I'm in Love with La roux's Songss...

I'm not your Toy
Cover My Eyes
In For The Kill
As if Magic
Armour Love
Colourless Colour

if u wanna see their blog , click HERE

ps. i wish i could go to Melbourne this March to watch the Show :((



RESOLUTION is a must!

" SAve Money and Buy an Estate!"

"Be More PoSitive in life"

"Be More GrateFul all the time"


ha ha ha

friday, Jan 30 , 3PM @ Office

at that time, i was soo bored and my eyes was so tired (as usual! let's called it crisis time at work! :p)...i went to the kitchen to refilled my drinking bottle and found my friend (just called her Udin! :P) , did the same thing , refilled her drinking bottle and escaping from the work for a lil while... and we chat for minutes... after that i saw her went to next room (Graphics) that near the toilet..

after refilled my bottle, i decided to followed Udin to next room-Graphics room- to having a lil bit chat and laugh to reduced my boredom..but, wait! i couldn't find her! the only thing that i found is the graphic girls were working seriously! there's no Udin there!
i stopped myself and went to toilet , ugh! found the toilet was locked , there must be Udin There! coz whereelse she could go! no place to go if she walked trough the next door of the kitchen, it's only have toilet and Graphic room... so i waited and at the same time i was having my evil thought that i wanted to surprised her (read :Udin) when she out from there... hihihihi

1 minute...

2 minute...

ough! what took u so long, Udin! i wanna Pee!!! i was just losing my intention to surprised her honestly huhu, but i was still standing very near to the door...

and finally, Greeekk....
Somebody open the door..at the same time , i quickly stepped my foot (just to surprise udin!haha! finally!)....
but, first thing i saw was... oops!!!

"Oh MY GOSH!!! WINNY!!!! U Freakin Me Outt!!!! Jezzz!!!"
well, she's not Udin! she is my Manager Area/Stores, Nat - an Australian too!

all i can said was.. "Oh My God! Nat! so Sorry! hahaha!" ("I thought u were Udin! --> i almost said that!) then we laughed together! (thx God she laughed too! hahaha)

Maybe She will remembered me clearly since that moment! hah! we not talked to much before! haha.. maybe now we will! :P



How did i get start live in Fashion

June 2006 was the time when i graduated from High School , very confused and struggled year for me , haha... have to admit it, coz i confused where to go next , 2 choices from my dad , 1st was went to the university as normal people did, 2nd was went to fashion education school , which is one of the famous industry at the place where i live (Bali - u know ,we are not allowed to have a big factory here,not like jakarta and many other places in Indo, so lots of people here doin a bussiness at garment, handicrafts and other small /home industry here)...

after several time, i decided to took a fashion design school here for a year, so every day i went there, just like school... after graduated from that fashion school, i'm helping my mom in her bussiness for months and i started felt bored , till one of my friends called me ,and tell me that at the place that she worked looking for the Assistant fashion designer , Wowww... i'm soo excited, i started to sent them the CV and prepared my self for the interview - well, dunno where did i get this such a self confidence that time haha... as u know the company is one of the biggest Local Clothing Label at Bali...so it must be lots of people out there who might much much better and having lots of experience than me - doin the same thing as i did - super excited for sending CV:p...
at that time , (maybe my friend saw me too confidence or what) she said to me , that she cannot guaranteed that i could passed and 100% got this Job... hahaha... poor me!
but i (still) with my confidence waiting for a interview call, whooooahh... after weeks waiting, they finally called me and arranged time for interview me...Yeay!!!!

14 April 2008 , 10AM
i went to Kerobokan - the office of BnS , with heart beating so fast (haha!)
was waiting at the 1st floor ( my office consist of 2 floors, 1st for stock room, security, EDP,IT - 2nd floor for Fashion division- graphic - Accounting - HRD - Manager - Bigboss Room and her 2 Personal assistants :p)
after 10 mins waiting ,i went to 2nd floor, and lil bit amazed haha! i've never ever come to the clothing line office before, so i amazed to saw a lots of BnS banner on the wall, lots of fashion clippings from Magz and FABRICs Swatches hanging on the wall (i thought wow! this is cool! hahaha.. this is not like an official office that i saw in TV haha!) ...
entered the Fashion Division's Room, waited big boss for minutes ,and... Finally met the Creator of BnS, Blonde, Fresh, Middle-Aged, Energic,beautiful(haha! i wish she read this and raise my salary :p), Australian Woman... :)
she's so welcomed... and started the conversation...
She : "Hi... ohhh, have we met before??? u look so familiar ,really! have we met before??"
(hahaha... of coz neva met u before! it thought)
Me : "oh hi... pleasure to meet u, oh really? no, i dont think we ever met before..hahaha"

after read my CV, She Started to asked common questions, such as , where did i study Fashion? Can i make a Pattern? , What is my fashion Style? , From Where did i know this Vacancy?, Do i usually wear BnS?--> of coz i do, everygirls in bali do! hahaha we not have lots of fashion label choices here though :p ,yeah have to admit it! have no zara or mango here haha!
Questions..Questions...and finally she realized how old am i...yeah, i'm just 19 years old that time...and guess what she said...

"Oh My Gosh, U're only 19!!! u could be My Daugther!!!! Jezz!!!! hahahaha!! Very Young yaa!"
with her hard Eng Accents :p

(Yeah! i wont be here , sitting here with such a heart beating and probably getting my snowy vacation at Japann now if i were ur daugther ,boss! hahaha i wish! :p)

After that she asked me to Measured Trouser, Dress, and sketch a Dress...
finished! wait for mins! the Designer came to me , and congratulated me!

so, here i am! 9 to 5 girl! working in here and always (try) to enjoy working here! :p

5 things that i love to work here :
1. All divisions are FEMALE, excepts, Security, Driver and EDP , oh! annd OB too! haha
2. My colleagues are very fun women -not all but most of them :) especially, Fashion div.& Graphic , love y'all girls!!! :)
3. The Job is not really that hard , maybe becoz i like it (read :fashion :) )
4. Good Paid (well, not totally good! but Fair enough and better than other fashion company :P)
5. On TIME! 5 PM GO!!! hahaha.... well, fair enough , coz if we late even just 1 min - meal allowances will deducted T.T huhuhu... (still tryin to not late at all in a month! haha till now , still cant avoid late sometime - twice a month tough! huhuhu)

Here are some Pics of My Office (oh! and my boss Pics wif my friend! :) u might see her on the street or at BnS Store maybe haha... (ps. My office got renovated now, this is some old pics, not too old actually few months ago! will post new renovated pics next time! :p)




Started this blog with Fun , with purpose to shared what is in my mind... i've never ever having a diary like this before since i was born, so can u imagine how full is my head , things that i saved for this 21 years (almost 22yrs -ouch!)... :p like a memory in the pc, this is what i called "Full Memory, No More Space" haha.. so , from this blog ,i wanted to put it out lil bit...

let's getting started, first of all, apologize my english is not good at all, second of all i'm no good at words, even worst at act :p , i'm 21 years old , fashionholic and Blog walker (since 2 years ago , i've been sooo addicted to blog walking ,since i was working at BnS - will tell you bout my experience working there soon! :)) - since i'm a 9 to 5 worker girl.... u may curious , i'm a blog walker since 2 yrs ago but why did i start having a blog just now? haha... the answer is back at my 2nd apologize, i feel no good at words at all :p ...

oh, wanna share you which blogs that i visit continually , click here , here, here and here :P
actually still have a lotsssss of blog that i loved to share, promise u next time i will share to u alotsss of my favs blogs... :P

ahhh,, my 'nogoodatwords' disease back on the track again , dunno what to tell now haha...