Februari 08, 2010

Maliq... here i come!!!

Location : at home - Mobile Phone , Sunday Night...

Him : I saw the Board!
Me : What board????????
Him : Maliq n d'essentials Board!!!
Me : So????
Him : yeahh!!! they will come here and live in concert at.... hmm wait! lemme read first, i'm not wearing glasses , it's hard for me to read this far...hmmmm...
Me : .........
Him : oh! at Blue Eyes!!! but i can't read the time and date! :(
Me : Don't Worry... Let's Call Blue Eyes and ask them when exactly the time is!
Him : Wohooo!! okayy!!! finally! after the Soundrenaline - we missed Maliq's Show!! ugh!!!
Me : Yeayyy!!! already asked them .... 13Feb!! yeayy!!!

Maliq and d'essentials Live in Concert @ Blue Eyes - Sanur - Bali, Feb 13th 2010 - 10PM onwards!!
See you there!!! hahaha



4 komentar:

deekkyy mengatakan...

postingan yg bagus hehehehehe

masbeken mengatakan...

wanna see the concert... but... its too far away... :'(

Reuben mengatakan...

i wish! i absolutely love bali with a passion

20something mengatakan...

@Reuben : come! come to bali! :)

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