Februari 01, 2010


Saturday night, when we were on the way to the cinema...

Him : woohooo! World Cup is coming soon!!!
Me : Oh Really? this year?? woww.. very fast it's already 4 years ago,when i woke u up in the middle of the nite just to remind u to watched the Football Match! haha... where the World Cup will be held this Year?
Him : South Africa.. and I heard ,the tickets not even sold out till today.. still alot of tickets are available ,about thousands..i think!
Me : Ha? Why??
Him : yeah, you know... South Africa!
Me : What do you mean?
Him : Based on what i read on the newspaper, THe homicide there could reach 200 cases a A DAY!
Me : fiuh! No Wonder, the tickets not sold yet till now! nobody dared to Come!
Him : i'm just wondering why they hold the World Cup There!

ps. do u wanna watch World Cup LIVE? hmm... Maybe they will SalE the tickets if this condition continues! hahaha... u wish! :p



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deprincess mengatakan...

mending di africa kali, stadionnya lebih keren daripada endonesa,hihihi....kmu lilburan taon ini mo ke africa?

20something mengatakan...

hahahaha... iya sih ya, lebih keren... stadionnya woww! :p liburan ke africa? ogah ah! tar aku di culik gmn! wkwkwk.. kangen tar koe ama aku dut! :p

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