Januari 31, 2010

Our Extraordinary Friendship

3 girls - met at Virtual World Accidentally year ago...

Me (they called me Duwel) , Tadut and Tidut

The meaning of the Name
Me a.k.a Duwel = Dudut bawel means fool and fussy :)
Tadut = Eta dudut means Fool Eta :P
Tidut = Tina dudut means Fool Tina ^^

we met accidentally , coz we follow same Mailist , one of Indo Magazines Mailist...
then we started to chat @ YM every single day to reduce boredom at the office haha..
we shared all thingss.... from our relationship, our problem, our work, our dream hahaha...

oh, fyi, we never met each other before, except Me and Tadut, we met once when she went to Bali few months ago.. haha...

now we continually sending each other Novels... Tadut send to Tidut , Tidut Send to me, Me send to Tidut hahaha.... complicated huh??

Tadut at Tretes (East of Java)
Tidut at Jakarta
Me at Bali - hahahaha still confuse?? :p

ps. My two lovely BFF doin bussiness together now ,check this out, Choco Brown! (and of coz, i'm givin my contribute there! hihi)



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