Februari 03, 2010


i'm wondering where did all this fashion things begin?

1800 - Regency

1830 - Victorian

1900 - Edwardian

1960 - Mini things - First Lady Jackie Kennedy , Supermodel Twiggy (thx to Madame COCO CHANEL who made Revolution for woman's Outfit before this era! More Simple ,More Casual, More Confidence! :p)

1970 - Disco Fashion Era , Lady Diana era

1980 - Power Dressing , woman get dressed to show and get Power

1990 - 2000 - Hollywood Trends ,Gwen Stefany, Lilo,and KATE MOSS as a big fashion icon (read : till now actually :) )

2000 - Now - "Without Limits and NO rules" Trend reflects on World Fashion icon , Alexa Chung, Lady Gaga, Agyness Deyn, Victoria Beckham , Mary Kate Olsen ,Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Cheryl Cole, Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, etc.

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A N A S T A S Y A mengatakan...

wowww!! this is a great post!!!!

I love the edwardian and victorian time actually, I always dream that I could live in that era :D

nitya mengatakan...

love the victorian era..
and your idea to post this topic is sooo great!

20something mengatakan...

@natasya : same with me! when i watched an old Fashion movie ,i was like thinking ,how if i could live and wear that piece of Costume! haha :)

@Nitya : thx dear! xoxo

anisizatyA.J mengatakan...

niceeee! I love what u blogged about. :))) btw, one of my favorite icon is kate moss. but u dont have her on the poll at the side there. hehe audrey hepburn is amazing too.

20something mengatakan...

thanks dear! Haha thx for remind me bout the kate moss at my poll... ;)

Alita Claudia mengatakan...

great post!

20something mengatakan...

Thanks :)

deekkyy mengatakan...

wow..fotonya jadul..hehe tapi bagus juga nice post and you're beautiful..kunjungi blog ku ya..happy blogging

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