November 30, 2010

it's been awhile

hiii blog! it's been awhile ,oops its been a loooong time actually, since my last posts... finally i come back ,thanks to tidut n tadut for reminding me to my blog...

so,,, whats up???
all i can tell u that i'm totally Fine... same old same old... nothing's change, except my hair maybe, just colour it! Chopper - the color that i chose this time!
anyway, me and my colleague just finished the Inspiration Board at the office , that consist of what we think being a TREND of this season... this will lead inspire us to design our clothes at body n soul...
Trends we are following are:

Camel/burnt orange/bright orange/khaki

Pale colours (washed blues/creams in soft linens)

Flesh coloured styles

Feminine silhouettes – anything girlie
short and sweet

The headband

Torn jeans and jumpsuits and dresses

Mid calf length skirt and dresses

So far, i found out at magazine there are a lotss of Bright ORANGE there,, i think Orange is very IN nowadays....
that's all for my very first post now! Hope people who read it can get some info...



Maret 02, 2010

Window display...

Fave Window Display:
VERSACE - see how they use Aluminium Foil? hmmm im wondering is that really Al foil or just a Silver SHinny Fabrics?? what do u think?? anyway, whether is Al.Foil or not this Futuristic Look is cool! Simple but Cool! 


Love The Super Mario bross Theme! isnt it sooo cute???? hmmm Cuteness!! :p



I'm Back!! sorry to let this Blog EMpty and not Update Anything... i was so sick last week... :p
yeah, i've got my new teeth with a cool Braces.... Finally!
actually i was thinking to wearing Braces since i was in High School , but i dont have enough money (Mom is not really agree and concerned bout braces things, for her it's an unnecessary one)..
now , after i can get money on my own ,i decided to went to the dentist hahaha....
it's almost been 2 weeks after that day...
the first night after went to dentist , my teeth felt so painfull .. ALL OF MY Teeth!!!! not just ONE ! hahahaha
ah surely BEAUTY IS PAIN!  ^^
my braces is a Ceramic Transparant Braces, actually really want to wear Invisalign :p (pic below) :



Februari 16, 2010

Ang pao!!!

it's not really too late too said Happy Chinese NewYear!!!!
Gong Xi Fat Chai...Wan Shi Ru Yi....Shen Di Chian Kang... :)
my mandarin is not really good hahaha :P

Remember last year i spent CNY at Singapore with Mom and every storessss were closeddd!!! ugh!!! even the biggest shopping mall at Singapore , TAKASHIMAYA was closeddd!!! so, suggest you to not to come to Singapore when CNY hahaha :p but the Celebration at the Chinatown was great... tons of fireworks that made me deaf :p

This CNY i got 3 Angpao from my mom, dad and beloved brother :) well, i supposed to got 4 though ,coz i have 2 brothers ,they're all married :) but my big bro was too busy at work lately, not even saw him yet in couple days! hahaha... so sad that i live in bali and not really have a lot of Families live here...if not, i would get some extras AngPao hahaha :p
How ur CNY?? did u get more angpao than me???


Februari 15, 2010


Guess the brand???





1. Carolina Herrera
2. Chanel
3. Scarlet Haider Ackermann
4. Gucci
5. Victoria Beckham





ough! as you know that i live in bali ,everybody's wear flipflop, and it's not possible for me to wear heels everytime haha! so, i decided to sale this studded heels for a veryyy low prices and hope this heels to receive more love from new owner :) ... 
Size : 37
Heels : 9cm
Colour : Black 
Quality : 95% OK!
Price : IDR. 150,000 (not include shipping cost) 

and i sale that PINK SURFER GIRL HEART BAG too...
Colour :Pink
Quality : 90% OK!
Price : IDR.85,000 (not include the shipping cost)

if you interest please email me!



Hit the dance Floor




Februari 12, 2010

100.000 Years of Beauty

It's fascinating!

Incorporating contributions from 300 writers of 35 different nationalities and 20 different disciplines, the 5 volume book set called "100,000 Years of Beauty" explores beauty through the ages -- from prehistoric people to the modern age, and even a look into the future -- in a uniquely comprehensive way.

Beauty has had a profound impact on civilization -- from Cleopatra's legendary beauty, to the excessive wigs of Marie Antoinette's day -- but scholars found that prehistoric humans cared just as passionately about beauty as we do today.
The books is available on AMAZON for $295 (totally worth it!)



R.I.P Alexander McQueen

The British fashion industry lost one of its brightest stars yesterday with the apparent suicide of Alexander McQueen, who was found hanged at his Central London home. The designer, 40, had been grieving over the death of his mother, Joyce, who died on February 2. He had been due to attend her funeral today. The loss of one of the most commercially successful and respected British designers has cast a pall over next week’s London Fashion Week. Friends said that he had been under pressure to complete his autumn/winter women’s wear collection for next month’s launch in Paris. One of his lines, McQ, was due to be shown at New York Fashion Week yesterday but was cancelled. The designer was also known to be upset that a recent relationship had ended.
Shoppers passing McQueen’s shop in Old Bond Street, Mayfair, laid flowers and a candle outside. The store closed soon after the news of his apparent suicide. A spokeswoman said that it was likely to remain closed in the coming days, as would McQueen’s other stores around the world. 
REST IN PEACE ,Mr. McQueen.... :((
below are some pics from Alexander McQueen's best collection...

p.s for more info click HERE

Love in sadness,


Februari 09, 2010

Fast Facts!

Our Eyes are always the same size from the Birth.. :)

The most popular Female name is MARY... :p

Napoleon reportedly carried Chocolates on all his Military Campaigns.. hihihi

A twillionaire is a twitterer with a million or more followers.

Google handles about 1 billion search queries per day, releasing some 200 tons of CO2 per day.

Flickr hosts some 3 billion photographs, FaceBook hosts more than 10 billion. ---> olala! mine at Facebook are about hundred photos! hahahaha...



Februari 08, 2010

Maliq... here i come!!!

Location : at home - Mobile Phone , Sunday Night...

Him : I saw the Board!
Me : What board????????
Him : Maliq n d'essentials Board!!!
Me : So????
Him : yeahh!!! they will come here and live in concert at.... hmm wait! lemme read first, i'm not wearing glasses , it's hard for me to read this far...hmmmm...
Me : .........
Him : oh! at Blue Eyes!!! but i can't read the time and date! :(
Me : Don't Worry... Let's Call Blue Eyes and ask them when exactly the time is!
Him : Wohooo!! okayy!!! finally! after the Soundrenaline - we missed Maliq's Show!! ugh!!!
Me : Yeayyy!!! already asked them .... 13Feb!! yeayy!!!

Maliq and d'essentials Live in Concert @ Blue Eyes - Sanur - Bali, Feb 13th 2010 - 10PM onwards!!
See you there!!! hahaha



Matte Matte

i desperately want Revlon Matte Lipstick!!!! hahaha but no time to go to the shoppin mall to get one! but i will,promise my self! :p hihihi

Let's see who loves to wearing Matte....

do you like matte or bold colour like Red more for your lips??? hihihi i prefer matte actually, but love to try Bold Col sometimes :)

Bold or Matte?




here are some references of places where should you go if you visit Aussie...

Justine Cullen, Editor , Shop Till you drop magazine
fave saloon for cut : Renya Xydis at Valonz, Elizabeth Street, Paddington, NSW.
A wax : Tilly at Fiftyfour Park St, 170 Castlereagh Street ,Sydney, NSW, is (almost) painless.
Something for a special occasion : Kirrily Johnson,6 Glenmore Road ,Paddington, NSW.
Homewares : Caravan Interiors, 85 Hall Streets, Bondi Beach, NSW.

Tamara Bykerk, Designer , Baku Australia
A cut & colour : Christine Pratten, she available for coming to your house. (0402 921 485)
Lingerie : Mary Holland ,Shop 613, MLC Centre, Martin Place, Sydney.
A bargain : Fleur De Lis, Shop 1/706 Military Road,Mosman,NSW.
Denim : Pink Zebra, 380 Oxford St, Paddington, NSW

Michelle Cooke, designer, Billion Dollar Babes
A cut, colour and blow dry : Belinda Jeffries at La Boutique, 10 Transvaal Avenue, Double Bay, NSW.
Beauty Treatments : Facials and microdermabrasion at Beauty on Buckland, 81 Buckland St, ALexandria, NSW.
Unique Buy : FLowers from Sydney flower Markets, Austin Avenue, Flemington, NSW.
Homewares : Victoria's Basement, 7 Euston Lane, Alexandria, NSW.

Sophie Orr, Assistant Product Manager, Rusty
A spray Tan : Get Funk's, Shop 4 & 5.
Beauty Treatments : Blush beauty and day spa, Oxford St.,WA
A splurge : Emporia, 3/420 Hay Street, Subiaco, WA
A unique buy : One Teaspoon, 1/62 Bayview Terrace,WA.
Denim : Brownies Surf, 9 Bayview Terrace, Claremont, WA.
Shoes : Zomp, 2 Bayview Terrace, Claremont, WA.
Denim : Brownies Surf, 9 Bayview Terrace , WA.

here is my personal recommend for BALI' s interesting places :
A cut : Arie and Harry Salon, Istana Kuta Galeria, Kuta.0361-769 218. Anzuh Salon ,Teuku Umar St.
Boutique : Body&Soul Clothing , Religion at Oberoi - Seminyak - kuta, Flamingo - Raya Seminyak -kuta, Puravida at Kuta Square.
A wax : La Beaute waxing and salon - Kerobokan - Kuta
A food : Corner Shop and coffee - At the corner of Oberoi - Kuta , Mang Engking - Jl.Nakula , Nasi Ayam Kedewatan , Nasi Pedes, Bu Oka Babi guling - UBUD, BEBEK BENGIL - Ubud., Made's Warung - Legian , Many moreeee :p
A unique buy : Erlangga , Denpasar.



Februari 07, 2010

Alexander Mc.Queen



Wonderful tonight

Him : hihihi...bla bla bla
Me : hmm...
Him : bla bla bla...
Me : yup!
Him : bla bla bla bla bla
Me : hmmm

Him : why are u so quite tonight?
Me  : ..........
Him : oh! i know , it's becoz u are so hungry rite now huh? as usual rite? u will talkactive again after u finish ur dinner..hmm..
Me : hahahahaha... u're soo understand me hahahaha
Him : ..........

tonite was my turn to pick him up :) coz we wanted to eat crabs near his home :) yummy!
when i dropped him and said gudbye

Him : stay here! please stay till tomorrow morning! why u need to go home?!?!
Me : hmmmm i would like to stay here as long as possible ,but it's impossible :) mommy will freak out
Him : nooo stayyyyy!! want u to stayy :((
Me : i wish i could dear :((
Him : ..............
Me : Gud nite <3
Him : ...............................



Februari 06, 2010

my poll!!!

just checked my polling and found out that GAGA as the most fave fashion icon! What a surprise! thats makes me know that people love the extraordinary thing and "OUT OF THE BOX" thing moreee... :)
maybe that makes us waiting and guessing what would she wear next and next... coz Gaga is unpredictable and having an unusual fashion sense... hahah.. but me ,personally just love to see but not love to follow her fashion anyway :) well, who wiill dare wearing that kind of thing ,if you are not a singer or an actress though :)
but, Besides that have to admit she is very TOTAL when chosing her outfit! salute!

ps. love GAGA's Shoes above :) outstanding! click the pics to see clearly!



Bridal Gowns

i was just thinking how if i wear a Bridal Gown from VERA WANG as my wedding gown in the future...
olala! ! !


lots of Celebs wore Vera Wang as their Wed Gown... it's been like a must bridal UNIFORM for them i think...:) (pics below : Andrea 'The Corrs' in Vera Wang bridal gowns, Khloe Kardashian)

ps. if someday i wear Vera Wang's gown as my wedding gown, promise you ,i will post the pics here hahaha :) i wish!




Tonight out on the streets
I'm gonna follow you
Tell you all about the scene
That you would kill for
You're gonna love what's
Burning right in front of you
But you won't see it
By the light of the sun

Come out tigerlily
You're caressing me
I'll take you up
I'll turn you on
I'll take you apathy
I wouldn'y lie to you Blossom
Won't you let it go
I'm gonna give you all you want
And don't you know


ps. love her shiloutte necklace hihihi.. HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!