Februari 02, 2010


When i went to bangkok last December , i went to Kinokuniya bookstore (well, bali have no Kinokuniya :( we have only Gramedia and Periplus here ,so sad huh? hahaha) and Found lots of cool books... 
bought two fashion books there... 
YOUNG FASHION DESIGNER by Martha R.Hidalgo - the book consist of an interview of young designer all around the world :) quite good for references... 
and THE FASHION DESIGNER SURVIVAL GUIDE by Mary Gehlhar - tips and trick how to be a fashion designer and doin a fashion bussiness....Amazing book! 

Anyway, if you live in Jakarta , i think you might found those books at Kinokuniya :)

ps. i'm thinking of making a quiz here at my blog someday and give one of those book to the winner as a present... just wait! :) 



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Anonim mengatakan...

Your blog is soooo cute! I will definitely combeack xoxo

20something mengatakan...

thanks darling :) xoxo

blackecstasy mengatakan...

wow! Balinese? and yes me balinese too :)
wah, why you just come visit jakarta!
btw good reference books!
love ya
yudia aiiu

20something mengatakan...

wahhh what a lovely coincidence! nice to meet you aiiu :) thx for stopping by! ugh! everytime i went to jkt , i always got fever ,weird huh?hahaha... anyway, if i go to jkt or u back to bali ,let's meet ya! haha:)

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