Februari 02, 2010


One day in the morning, just woke up and as usual i checked my MobilePhone...
Found there was 1 NEW MESSAGE there..
woaaaaaaaaahemmm (read : Yawning) and still felt so sleepy , Read the Message...

"From : Ay

Dolce & Banana "

hahahaahahahahaha.... could only laughed!

After days, when we were out for a dinner...
Me : oh, Why did u text me "Dolce & Banana" days before?
Him : Oh! i just woke up and was Napping around and looked at your gift (read : i gave a D&G for men fragrance as his B'day gift last year :))
Me : SO???
Him : dunno! i was just texted you unconsciously i think.. hmmm reflex!
Me : wakakakaakakakaka.... (kisskiss)



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