Januari 31, 2010


Started this blog with Fun , with purpose to shared what is in my mind... i've never ever having a diary like this before since i was born, so can u imagine how full is my head , things that i saved for this 21 years (almost 22yrs -ouch!)... :p like a memory in the pc, this is what i called "Full Memory, No More Space" haha.. so , from this blog ,i wanted to put it out lil bit...

let's getting started, first of all, apologize my english is not good at all, second of all i'm no good at words, even worst at act :p , i'm 21 years old , fashionholic and Blog walker (since 2 years ago , i've been sooo addicted to blog walking ,since i was working at BnS - will tell you bout my experience working there soon! :)) - since i'm a 9 to 5 worker girl.... u may curious , i'm a blog walker since 2 yrs ago but why did i start having a blog just now? haha... the answer is back at my 2nd apologize, i feel no good at words at all :p ...

oh, wanna share you which blogs that i visit continually , click here , here, here and here :P
actually still have a lotsssss of blog that i loved to share, promise u next time i will share to u alotsss of my favs blogs... :P

ahhh,, my 'nogoodatwords' disease back on the track again , dunno what to tell now haha...



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