Januari 31, 2010

ha ha ha

friday, Jan 30 , 3PM @ Office

at that time, i was soo bored and my eyes was so tired (as usual! let's called it crisis time at work! :p)...i went to the kitchen to refilled my drinking bottle and found my friend (just called her Udin! :P) , did the same thing , refilled her drinking bottle and escaping from the work for a lil while... and we chat for minutes... after that i saw her went to next room (Graphics) that near the toilet..

after refilled my bottle, i decided to followed Udin to next room-Graphics room- to having a lil bit chat and laugh to reduced my boredom..but, wait! i couldn't find her! the only thing that i found is the graphic girls were working seriously! there's no Udin there!
i stopped myself and went to toilet , ugh! found the toilet was locked , there must be Udin There! coz whereelse she could go! no place to go if she walked trough the next door of the kitchen, it's only have toilet and Graphic room... so i waited and at the same time i was having my evil thought that i wanted to surprised her (read :Udin) when she out from there... hihihihi

1 minute...

2 minute...

ough! what took u so long, Udin! i wanna Pee!!! i was just losing my intention to surprised her honestly huhu, but i was still standing very near to the door...

and finally, Greeekk....
Somebody open the door..at the same time , i quickly stepped my foot (just to surprise udin!haha! finally!)....
but, first thing i saw was... oops!!!

"Oh MY GOSH!!! WINNY!!!! U Freakin Me Outt!!!! Jezzz!!!"
well, she's not Udin! she is my Manager Area/Stores, Nat - an Australian too!

all i can said was.. "Oh My God! Nat! so Sorry! hahaha!" ("I thought u were Udin! --> i almost said that!) then we laughed together! (thx God she laughed too! hahaha)

Maybe She will remembered me clearly since that moment! hah! we not talked to much before! haha.. maybe now we will! :P



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